An Adelaide Interior Designer
with over 40 years experience.


Christine has been an interior decorator and designer for 40 years and has worked in NSW, QLD, VIC & SA.  She feels this experience has helped her to develop a wide and varied clientele and she always enjoys a new challenge.

She loves her one to one relationship with clients and believes it is really important to listen to the client and observe their lifestyle.  My aim at the end of the job is to have a client who really enjoys their new environment and is proud of it.

Our services include colour consultation, space planning, bathroom and kitchen design, supply and installation of soft furnishings, furniture etc.

Christine is happy to tackle any project however big or small.  Even a new blind in a room or change of paint colour can lift the spirits and Christine finds this rewarding.






Space Planning

Christine believes many houses lack good use of space. Well designed cupboards and wardrobes can make your life so much easier. Also some rooms or even floor plans of houses are badly designed & Christine can make these spaces achieve their maximum use. Even re organising furniture layouts can make your life easier.

Colour Co ordination

Christine comes to your home or office and helps create a cohesive colour scheme. This can be throughout the whole house (or office) and may not just be paint colours, but also tiles, benchtops, curtains blinds etc. Alternatively you may just want to do one area of your home or office and she may need to take your artwork and furniture into account when selecting colours.

Soft furnishings

This includes looking at dressing your windows & helping to choose the moist appropriate blind, curtain or shutter to suit the style of your window and the look and use of the room you are decorating.

Also she helps with choices of cushions, lamps, pictures and other accessories to help the room become an individual beautiful place to be.


Again Christine can work with your furniture or she can source new pieces that will fit in with the scale and style of your home. Lounge suites can be tailored to suit your own personal comfort and can be made in any choice of fabric or leather

Kitchen & Bathroom Design

Christine has plenty of experience with kitchen & bathroom design and has a practical approach combined with designing a beautiful space that is cohesive with the rest of the house. She feels they should flow with the theme of the house but can be easy & comfortable to use and tailor made for the individual client.

Floor Plans

If you are building or renovating it is helpful if Christine can be involved at an early stage so she can make sure you will get maximum use out of your space, that your furniture & furnishings will fit well & that power points, lights etc. are properly placed Once the building is started it can be hard to change these things.



No job is too small

Christine is very happy to advise on just a blind for a window or a paint colour scheme for a room or even the smallest change can make a room feel more comfortable & inviting. Christine really likes to work closely with the client to make sure she caters to their taste & lifestyle. Each room’s purpose or occupant is taken into account when selections are made.

Whether traditional, modern, rustic or oriental, Christine is comfortable with any style and enjoys working with the  client to achieve the right theme for you and your home or work environment.

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